Protect Organic Food – Stop S.510 Today

I wrote last week about the importance of calling your Senators to encourage them to vote NO on Senate Bill 510 (also known as S.510). The vote was delayed until today. So now is the time to call your Senators if you want to make a difference in how they vote.

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No more locally grown organic food…

If  you don’t want that to be the headline in your local paper tomorrow, we need your support today!

Dear friends and lovers of good, fresh, locally grown organic food, please read the open letter (below) from my dear friend Michael Sligh, a leading authority on locally grown food and long-time advocate for family farmers.

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Community Supported Agriculture

Farmers Market

CSA: Buy Local and Support a Farmer

The primary mission of Organic Foods Reviews is to bring you closer to the producers of your organic food. The quickest and easiest way for you to do that is to join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group. What is a CSA you may be asking? A CSA is a structured relationship in which consumers make a commitment to a farmer or farm family, to purchase their produce/products at the beginning of the growing cycle before the seed is put into the ground. This is really a wonderful relationship, in which you get closer to the food you eat through your personal relationship with the producer of that food, the farmer. You can often visit the farm and see exactly how your food is produced and where. The kids will love the visit and remember the day for the rest of their lives. It is always an educational experience at the very least.

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