Organic Food Resources

Organic Food Resources

Today the food supply in the world is undergoing a radical and unprecedented shift to unnatural and unsustainable products that have no relationship to the natural order. We will be documenting the details of this shift in subsequent posts.

For now, please review the links and resources below and begin to educate yourself so you can become an informed participant in the conversation. The following resources and links will give you information and insights into the current state of food and food distribution in the USA.

These resources will give you the facts, so you can protect yourself and your family. Please take the time to study this information carefully to assure optimum health and well-being for all. Please share this information with your friends and loved ones.

Most up-to-date info on GMO’s – should be in everyone’s library

GMO Downloadable brochures

Best resource material for GMO’s – Brochures, DVD’s, Books, etc.

The most comprehensive source of GMO health risks on the web.

Consumer resources on GMO’s and the Just Label It Campaign.

Free iPhone app – Non GMO Shopping Guide

Pesticide Shopping Guide –

The Future of Food – in-depth investigation of GMO’s. The
first film to reveal the science and effects of GMO’s
on the environment, health and human ecology.

Food, Inc. – Scathing expose of the conventional food

Foodmatters – This is also a must view movie, plus a
complete series of food related DVDs in their store

The Symphony of the Soil – the follow up to The Future of
Food by the same producer, Deborah Garcia

Forks over Knives – The case for a plant based diet

The Gerson Miracle

Processed People

Scientists Under Attack

Super Size Me – Documentary by Morgan Spurlock