Official Launch

organic fruits and vegetablesI want to welcome everyone to the official launch of It’s been a long-time in coming and we are bursting with information and insights, new products and ideas to help you get closer to the producer of your organic food.

We want to thank you for your patience and all the great feedback from our initial testing period. Please keep the feedback coming, that’s how we know what you want, and we’ll always try and give you the most authoritatively sourced content found anywhere (not just on the Internet). We actually spend a lot of time on the ground, researching our original content with the producers of organic food themselves. That’s how we uncover original stories about the most innovative new products and the back stories about old favorites.

Please be sure and spread the word about our Facebook page and be sure and leave your comments and thoughts about organic foods there. Of course, you can always comment on any of the articles we post on our blog. At the bottom of each post is a comment box where you can tell us how you feel or think (they’re different you know). 🙂

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We look forward to an exciting year…and beyond in the wonderful world of organic foods. Thank you for joining us!

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