Protect Organic Food – Stop S.510 Today

Protect Organic Food – Stop S.510 Today

I wrote last week about the importance of calling your Senators to encourage them to vote NO on Senate Bill 510 (also known as S.510). The vote was delayed until today. So now is the time to call your Senators if you want to make a difference in how they vote.

I’ve copied below an email from the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center which emphasizes some of the many issues that make this a bad bill for organic producers and consumers alike. The “standardization” of our food supply will not be a good thing for you as a consumer if you want to have a wide variety of choices in the food you buy and were you buy it.

There is a complete list of the Senators by State with telephone numbers and how they are voting is listed on the POP Campaign website,

You can also join the POP campaign here as well.

Please do as much as you can and spread the word today to call your Senators and let them know you want a NO vote on S.510. Our food choices depend on you taking action TODAY!  Share this with your friends by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter links below. Thank you for taking action.Urgent call to Action against Senate Bill 510!


Call Your Senators: Urge A Vote NO on S. 510–The Food Safety Bill

S. 510, Food Safety Legislation is slated to come to a vote on the Senate floor on Monday, November 29. While the bill has been improved from a year ago, it still provides an expansion of government into the lives and decisions of Americans regarding foods, farming, and dietary supplements. This bill includes provisions that authorize the government to map the entire food production system and to track every food product we purchase and grow.

Senator Reid of Nevada, after barely holding on to the majority in the Senate and keeping his job as Senator and Majority Leader, has made S. 510 a priority for passage before the 111th Congressional session ends this year. This Bill is expensive, intrusive, and will not make the food supply safer. It will however compromise your liberty and privacy while driving the costs of foods higher.

The numerous policies and guidelines to be developed are to be ‘science-based’. The problem with this is that most of the research the government will rely on comes from the agricultural giants who have been pushing small farmers and even heritage seeds out of the marketplace.

Behind the scenes, orchestrating ‘food safety’ legislation in the United States is a strategic plan of the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission for every nation to develop “national food control systems’ including legislation on food safety and which promote and adopt Codex Guidelines. The fabric of America does not include ‘food control’ laws, but that is exactly what S. 510 launches.

We have a “once-in-a-lifetime” chance to stop this Bill before it becomes law. WE CAN DO THIS! Call your own two Senators (listed below). ASK YOUR SENATORS TO VOTE NO ON S. 510 – THE FOOD SAFETY BILL. If we can convince 51 Senators to vote NO on S. 510, Victory is ours.

Target your emails and calls for Sunday night and Monday – and until the vote is taken.


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