Sunshine Burgers

Sunshine Burgers

Burgers…the All-American holiday and fast food favorite

For most of us, no holiday would be complete without the ubiquitous burger. It’s an essential part of any picnic, work lunch, and fast food take out. Heck it’s a major part of the American experience! Whether it’s on the grill, in the oven, or at the drive thru, there’s nothing like a good burger with all the trimmings.

But I’m not just talking about any burgers. Burgers have come a long way in the last 20 or 30 years. You no longer have to settle for that greasy, cholesterol filled, artery clogging mixture of unknown meats and Kraft American cheese. No ma’am (sir); today you can have a 100% certified organic burger that is pre-baked and browned for your convenience. You can get it from freezer to the plate in a matter of minutes, and it is a superb meal that is a healthy addition to any holiday spread. This one has zero trans fats, zero cholesterol, is gluten-free, soy-free and all vegan. But the best part is that it tastes great!

Introducing certified organic Sunshine Burgers!

Sunshine Burgers are the creation of Carol Debberman (who I affectionately call Ms. Sunshine). They were born in her farmhouse kitchen more than 30 years ago. Sunshine Burgers were developed out of the necessity of feeding her five children a healthy vegetarian diet, so they definitely pass the “Kid Quality” standard we use for all the organic foods we recommend. In fact, Carol’s Sunshine Burgers have been in our family for more than 20 years. Yes, it’s true. I raised six children on a vegan diet and one of their all time favorites were Sunshine Burgers.

Now for those of you who have children you know how ‘finicky’ kids can be about their food, particularly when they start going to school. That’s where the Sunshine Burgers really shine! They look like a regular burger (that’s real important for kids), but they are made of 100% certified organic ingredients, but without the potential allergens of  soy, wheat, (gluten-free) and dairy.

Sunshine Burgers have simple organic ingredients and great taste

Sunshine Burgers and Patties excel with a distinctive and unique taste profile and texture. Each of the six products in the Sunshine Burger line are a sensory experience you won’t forget. There is something there for every palate.

All of the burgers and patties start with the same base of organic cooked brown rice and organic raw sunflower seeds. From there Carol applies the magic; she draws from the following ingredients: a proprietary blend of organic herbs, hemp seeds, adzuki beans, pinto beans, organic carrots, organic onions, organic bell pepper, organic paprika, organic black pepper and just the right amount of sea salt. She varies each according to the flavor she is trying to convey.

Sunshine Burgers come in six flavors. The names of each of the products give a clue to the broad taste and cultural appeal represented by the line. There is the Original, Garden Herb, Barbecue, Southwest, and the latest additions to the line the Falafel and Breakfast patties.

All of the ingredients in each of the products are 100% organic, except the Original. I asked Carol why not the Original, and she said that it was the first product that she made and it was before there was an official “legal” organic seal and certification program. She said it was so well received that “I just didn’t want to mess with it”. I couldn’t argue with that!.

When Carol visited me on a recent trip to Gainesville where she toured the Butterfly Museum (she’s an animal lover, nature enthusiast, and dedicated environmentalist) we discussed all the important aspects of the Sunshine Burger creation.

Yes, of course Sunshine Burgers are an excellent meat substitute, but that’s not what Carol had in mind when she created them. She was simply trying to create an excellent tasting vegetarian burger. She said, “I wanted to create a really good tasting vegan burger, something different than anything that was available at the time.”. I can say from personal experience she has certainly done that.

Not only do they taste good, but Sunshine Burgers have a very impressive nutritional profile. Each of the burgers and patties has a substantial 8-10 grams of protein with all the essential amino acids present, zero trans fat, and zero cholesterol as previously mentioned. So Sunshine Burgers have exceptional taste, variety, and are healthy to for both kids and adults.

Sunshine Burgers ultimate appeal…Convenience

The Sunshine Burgers and Patties are the ultimate convenience food. They are all pre-baked and browned and ready to serve. Just take them out of the freezer and warm them in the oven for about 5 – 10 minutes, then dress them with your favorite trimmings. You can also cook them on the grill. I like them with Eden’s Organic Mustard, sprouts (alfalfa or sunflower or both), and organic pickles on Alvarado Bakery’s Sprouted Barley bread or buns.

For me, those are the perfect picnic fixin’s for Sunday afternoon at my favorite fresh water swimming hole or river. In fact, I’m taking Sunshine Burgers on my next picnic at Ginnie Springs to celebrate Labor Day this weekend, in the heart of North Central Florida. Go get some for your friends and family and enjoy the convenience of high quality certified organic burgers whenever you want something nutritious and fast that you know is good for you and your family.

Our Highest Recommendation

For 30+ years of perseverance and excellence, The highly endorses the Sunshine Burger and Specialty Food Company for their vision and leadership in producing 100% certified organic products that taste great and are good for you and your children. Keep up the good work Carol…and thank you for your dedication to organic foods and a vegan lifestyle.

Product locator and more info

Be sure and visit Carol at one of the many natural products industry or environmental shows she attends. You can find Sunshine Burgers in all the major natural food stores and chains since they’ve been around “forever”. Go to the Sunshine Burger website for specific locations, product information, and recipes at or visit their Facebook page at and become a fan to stay in touch with the latest news about Sunshine Carol and her amazing company.

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  1. Having been veg for 20+ years I’ve tried a lot of veggie burgers. Southwest Sunshine burgers are my absolute favorite and they are the only ones I ever buy!

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